Access Control

We are a leading provider of access control systems, visitor management, and perimeter management solutions.

Managing access to facilities and buildings is critical for the security and risk management for businesses of any size and across all industries. Entinu Communications provides proven and reliable security access control solutions. Whether it is a stand-alone system or integrated into a national network, we offer a range of sophisticated, secure, and customized systems to meet the need of mid-sized to large business customers.

Seamless Access Control Solutions

Our solutions help secure your facilities, assets and people without adversely impacting your operations. With end-to-end service options are rooted in state of the arts hardware and software to maximize your protection without disruptions to your business.

Yes… it is about the Innovative & Reliable Technology!

Electronic access control software and panels; biometric and wireless card readers; door locking devices; intrusion alarm detection; perimeter protection: and visitor management are just a few of the many integrated solutions that provide enhanced access control to our clients.